Welcome to the official website of the CCWESTT 2016


The Canadian Coalition of Women in Engineering, Science, Trades and Technology (CCWESTT) will hold its 16th biennial conference in Ottawa at the Shaw Centre.

A full, wide ranging and stimulating programme has been developed to an efficient and exciting programme of technical and social events.

It celebrates the contributions of women in all spheres of Engineering, Science, Trades and Technology, from education to retention and leadership.

Reasons to attend CCWESTT 2016

Applicable to all:

Professional development opportunities for women in science, engineering, trades and technology to:

  • learn about innovative approaches to increase diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • attend workshops on leadership development specifically designed for women in SETT
  • learn about current mentoring activities across the country
  • network with other women to establish contacts for on-going consultations
  • attend a Policy Forum to develop strategies to remove barriers for women in SETT

Sessions specific to women in Science:

  • promoting women in academia
  • reports from NSERC Chairs for Women in Science and Technology on activities across the country
  • indigenous knowledge and the advancement of science

Sessions specific to women in Engineering:

  • report on findings of women engineers career development
  • inspiring the next generation of engineers
  • journey towards goal of 30% women entering engineering by 2030

Sessions specific to women in Trades (and apprenticeship):

  • building a future for women in trades
  • women in apprenticeship
  • increasing women’s access to trades

Sessions specific to women in Technology:

  • history of Canadian women in computer science
  • inspiring young women innovators
  • engaging young girls in STEM

For unions:

  • opportunity to provide professional development for women in trade unions including sessions on diversity and inclusion, mentoring, policy and leadership development

For employers and industry sectors:

  • opportunity for professional development for employers, employees, and HR professionals including sessions on diversity and inclusion, mentoring, policy and leadership development

We are looking forward to meeting you in Ottawa in May 2016!